Enjoy The Journey

 Enjoy the journey

Enjoy the journey because it is the destination. Every experience negative and positive serves to give you a greater understanding of yourself.

Achieving a goal takes you to a higher level. Goals motivate and give direction. However a goal may become an obsession.

Sometimes when people set a goal they spend their days in agitation, anticipating the outcome. They are tormented by an emptiness that can only be filled by achieving the goal. This anxiety makes them forget to live in the present.

Self Love

Although the attainment of a goal brings satisfaction it is possible to have complete self love and happiness before achieving anything in life. Even when the goal is self improvement love yourself while working to correct your flaws.

True self love does not need external accomplishments. Self love allows us to appreciate the ups and downs on the journey. When you stand on a foundation of self love you will not be destroyed in the event of failure.

Cultivate for yourself the unconditional love that parents have for their new born baby and the process of achieving goals won’t be difficult.

You don’t need to achieve a goal to love yourself. Love yourself now.

A Goal Is A Journey

Goals are very difficult to achieve when you hate the process. Do not fall into the trap of feeling like life doesn’t begin until you achieve your goal.

A goal is a joyful, adventurous, magical journey. The steps that take you to the top are just as valuable as being at the top.

Enjoy the journey to the fullest.

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