Your Unique Style

Your Unique Style

Your unique style is a trademark that will never expire.

A unique style stands out and speaks on behalf of its creator. Unique styles are developed and discovered. Many professionals develop their unique style after mastering conventional methods.

Be Humble

Be humble before you decide to rumble.

The autonomous professional was an amateur that learned from someone more experienced before becoming self governing.

Be humble and learn from those before you. Learn from their victories and mistakes.

Being humble and learning from people who are more experienced does not mean discarding your ideas and views. It simply means incorporating other perspectives.


Your unique style might have always been with you or you may develop it while learning your craft. The time might come when you want to focus exclusively on your style but it is best to learn from others first and get a foundation. In most cases when people rush to do things their own way they don’t get far. Without a foundation your unique style cannot survive.


Conventional methods are learned because they serve as a foundation for unique expression. Artists that specialize in abstract or caricatures had to learn the accepted rules of anatomy and perspective.

Trade Secrets and Disclosure

Over the years you might develop a personal formula. Think carefully before disclosing your methods publicly. Public disclosure is helpful because it allows others to highlight flaws in your formula and improve upon it. It is harmful in that it removes something special from your product. Weigh the pros and cons before making the decision to disclose a trade secret.


Uniqueness is not a trade secret that has to be guarded because it is inimitable. A unique style is self expression through your craft. This cannot be duplicated.

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