Protect Your Goal

Protect Your Goal

Protect your goal by making it one of your highest priorities in life. Protect your goal by ignoring distractions and detractors.

Your long term goal is a baby that needs care and protection.

Only Tell A Few

In this age of artificial stimulation and short attention spans many people lack imagination. It is therefore best to share your goals with only those are genuinely close to you.

Discussing your goals with pessimists and people who can’t help you is a waste of time.

Sometimes people will discourage you because they genuinely care and think the goal you are setting at this point in your life is not realistic. They think failure is inevitable and seek to protect you from disappointment.

However, others may discourage you out of envy. Perhaps you are attempting something they wish they could do and it will burn them to see you succeed.

The same intentions may also apply for encouragement. Some people may encourage you to go after something because they know it is out of your reach. They praise you excessively and push you into action only to laugh behind your back when you fail.

Be Honest With Yourself

Do not stress yourself trying to decipher the intentions of people who discourage or encourage. Trust your inner guidance and be honest with yourself.

Before you start chasing a goal check yourself with the following questions:

“Why am I doing this?”
“Am I willing to put in the work?”
“What am I willing to sacrifice?”
“Is it worth the sacrifice?”
“Should I be concentrating on this right now?”
“Is this a sensible goal?”
“What are the risks?”
“What will happen if I fail?”

Only you can know if your goal is achievable because only you know the level of determination you are willing to give.

Making An Agreement With Yourself

If you answer the questions honestly and decide to pursue your goal then you are making an agreement with yourself that supersedes the opinions of others.

Although you may consider the opinions of others your ultimate decision should be based on your judgment. If you really desire something and believe you can achieve it then go for it. If your parents, siblings or even spouse doubt you then prove them wrong by achieving it.

When the desire to achieve a goal is strong enough naysayers don’t matter, the inner desire that burns will carry you through the gloomy times.

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