Sexual Energy 5: Using The Breath

Using The Breath

Breath is energy, breath is life. Unlimited energy in the air is available to us 24/7. Exercises like ovarian compression, vaginal compression, testicle compression and testicle breathing allow us to take full advantage of this valuable free resource.

Women: Ovarian and Vaginal Compression

The benefits of Ovarian breathing increase when performed with ovarian and vaginal compression. These exercises strengthen the vaginal muscles, ovaries and cervix, thus fostering equanimity and increasing sexual energy.

In ovarian compression you inhale air through the nose and into the throat. This air is then swallowed and pushed down into the solar plexus. You continue to push the air down until it reaches the ovaries. On the way down to the ovaries the air will mix with energy from the upper body and supercharge the ovaries on contact. After contact is made the energy shoots up the spine and travels to the head.

Position: The exercise may be done sitting or standing. Lying on the back while doing this exercise is dangerous.

In this exercise the anus and PC muscle must be squeezed tight during the inhalation and pushing down of the air. During exhalation the anus PC muscle should be relaxed. Squeezing the muscles prevents energy leakage.

The mouth should be closed during the exercise, all breathing is done through the nose.


Sit on a chair with bare feet. Your back should be straight and legs shoulder width apart.

Place the tongue on the roof of your mouth.

Inhale into the throat and swallow the air. Imagine the air is a ball. Push the air down the throat and into the solar plexus. The air should not stop at the heart. Continue pushing the air downward to the navel, lower abdomen and ovaries. While pushing the air remember to squeeze the vagina and anus. The vagina might feel like it’s being inflated.

When the energy reaches the ovaries it travels up the spine and to the head.

After each compression exhale, relax your PC and anus muscles and swallow any saliva that has accumulated. Then rotate the waist while keeping arms at shoulder level.

One compression should last for a minute but you may begin with 20 seconds and gradually extend your time every session.

Exhalation is the break between compressions. During this time breathing should not be deep.
Remember to keep the mouth closed during the break but the tongue should be relaxed, the anus and PC muscles should be relaxed as well.

When you are able to compress the air for one minute do five compressions then rotate the waist with arms at shoulder level. After you are able to do five 1 minute compressions do 30 in sets of 5 with a break between.

If sweat accumulates on your forehead during this exercise massage it back into the skin.

Men: Testicle Breathing

Testicle breathing is an easy and effective exercise that trains a man to be sensitive to the subtle energies within his testicles. Testicle breathing uses the mind and breath to move the internal energy with no help from muscle contracts. When a man is not aroused the energy in the testicles is in cold yin state. Testicle breathing guides this cold energy from the testicles up the spine and into the head where it stimulates and activates the pineal and pitutary glands.

Testicle breathing should be done slowly. Speeding up the exercise will heat the energy and prevent it from being stored safely in the head.

Testicle breathing helps to ease stress and sexual frustration. It also increases focus and creative energy. The energy gained from this exercise can enhance all areas of your life.

Breaking down the exercise in stages makes it easier to master. Each week extend the exercise until you can do everything in one session.

Stage 1

Remove all clothing from the waist down.

During this exercise all muscles should be relaxed.

Sit on a chair barefooted and allow your testicles to hang off the edge.

Focus your mind on the cold energy in your testicles.

Place the tongue on the roof of your mouth.

Inhale and concentrate on the testicles. Feel them fill with air. Exhale and feel the air release from the testicles. Repeat this about 9 times. After a while of practice the testicles should begin to move up and down when you inhale and exhale.

Stage 2

After 9 times of inhalation and exhalation guide the cold energy from testicles to perineum (area between anus and testicles). Practice bringing the energy from testicles to perineum for a few days until you master it.

Stage 3

After mastering the ability to send the energy from testicles to perineum start again by inhaling and exhaling 9 times, filling the testicles with air then emptying them. Then move the energy to the perineum. From the perineum move the energy up the spine. Start at the base of the spine. Keep practicing and your ability to bring the energy further up the spine will keep increasing. Eventually it will reach the head.

While moving the energy up the spine you can flex your back in and out to help send the energy up.

When the energy reaches the head it will feel like it’s spinning. Rotate the energy 36 times clockwise and anticlockwise.

When you master this exercise you will be able to bring the energy from testicles to head with a single inhalation.


Place the tongue on the roof of your mouth.

Inhale and fill the testicles with air bring the energy up the spine.

Exhale and release the air from the testicles.

Scrotal Compression

Men who have not ejaculated in thirty days or more will see fast results from scrotal compression. Men who have not learnt to control their ejaculation as yet will not reap the benefits of this exercise.

It is best to do this exercise after you have gone at least 30 days without spilling your seed. Master the exercises in Sexual Energy 4: Penis and Ejaculation Control for one month before attempting this exercise.


Scrotal Compression supplies a man with high quality energy that he can use for anything. The exercise enhances every aspect of his life. The exercise also helps to release stress and sexual frustration.

Scrotal compression is similar to ovarian and vaginal compression.

In scrotal compression you inhale air through the nose and into the throat. Then send the air past the heart down to the solar plexus and finally to the testicles. As you inhale visualize the air as a ball of energy.

In this exercise the PC and anus muscles must be squeezed tightly during inhalation and released during exhalation. Failure to close them will result in energy leakage.

All breathing is done through the nose and the mouth stays closed.

Sit on the edge of a chair or stand.

Squeeze the PC and Anus muscles. Place the tongue on the roof of your mouth, close your eyes and look up.

Breathe into the back of the throat and visualize the air as a ball of energy. Swallow the air down to the solar plexus. (Do not allow the air to stop at the heart.)

Push the air further down to the navel.

Push the air from the navel to the pelvis region until it reaches the testicles.

Keep pushing for as long as you can then exhale and rest a little. Stop squeezing the PC and anus muscles, relax the tongue but still keep the mouth closed. Swallow any saliva that may have formed during the compression. If sweat is formed on the forehead massage it back into the skin.

Take a short rest and repeat the compression again. Try to do the compression 5 times.

After 5 compressions rotate your waist clockwise and counterclockwise while keeping the arms straight. In the short break your breathing should be shallow.

When you first begin this exercise you may start with 5 compressions. Slowly extend until you can do 36 compressions and take a break to rotate the waist with arms straight after every 5 compressions.

Each compression should last for 1 minute but you may begin with 20 seconds and extend the time as you practice.

Follow the instructions and do the exercises at your own pace.

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