Turn Inward and Meditate

turn inward and meditate

Turn inward and meditate

Mindfulness of body during meditation connects you to the subtle energies within and helps you to establish a strong intimacy with your body. It is safer to set this foundation before pursuing out of body experiences. You can connect with your Spirit simply by turning inward and being mindful.


A few of the benefits of doing this meditation twice daily include:

Improved concentration: this meditation will improve your concentration and enable you to do daily tasks with more accuracy.

Increases energy.

Increases sensitivity to your internal energy: this amplifies the benefits of spiritual practice, especially sexual energy training. In Taoist sexual energy training you use the mind, breath and muscle to move your internal energy to various parts of the body.

Relaxes the body and calms the mind.

Helps with emotional and physical pain.

Releases stress.

Helps you to realize the difference between pain and reaction to pain which is necessary to remove suffering.


This meditation requires no specific position. You may sit near the edge of a chair, cross legged on the floor or lie flat on your back.


Breathe through the nose. Long deep breathing is recommended but not required.

Long deep breathing: Inhale and fill the belly with air, allow the air to travel up to your ribs, chest, throat and head.  Exhale and empty the head, chest, ribs then belly. At the end of the exhale pull your navel in.


Close your eyes. Closing your eyes allows you to focus internally and blocks out all distraction. However it can make you daydream so be alert!

In this meditation attention is kept within. Put your attention somewhere in your body. It may be your feet, legs, belly, back, heart, hands, throat, head or multiple areas at the same time. Sit still in your desired position and focus on the internal energies and sensations. Feel the pulsations in various parts of your body. You can follow your energy when it travels within.

Keep a straight posture but remain relaxed. No part of your body should be tense or tightened. Sometimes people have the tendency to become stiff or tighten up when maintaining a straight posture.

Whenever you feel discomfort or pain you may slightly adjust yourself and relax your muscles around the uncomfortable area.

Whenever you start to daydream or your attention strays to something outside gently return to your internal world.

Keeping your attention internally is not as easy as it seems but with commitment to practice it becomes easier.

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