Solitude Vacation

solitude vacation

Solitude is for self reflection, self organization, self love and healing.

Ascetics renounce society and disappear into solitude. However, the occasional withdrawal from society is enough for most people.

The ideal setting for solitude is a natural environment where birds sing and insects whistle. A place where only the moon and stars light the night. Such a setting is not possible for everyone but with a little discipline solitude can have positive effects even in a concrete jungle.

The single requirement for solitude is being by yourself.

If you live with others and can’t get away then explain to everyone that you are taking some silent time for inner reflection and you won’t be able to talk for a while.

Make an extra effort to be mindful of all thoughts and actions during your time of solitude.

No technology is allowed on a solitude vacation. If you have the discipline to go a week in solitude without a computer, cellphone, television and radio your body will thank you. The artificial light emitted from these devices suppress melatonin, a vital hormone responsible for many things including preventing your brain from aging. Melatonin is secreted in darkness and exposure to artificial lights at night prevents the production of this hormone. The benefits of melatonin have been confirmed by photo biologist Joan Roberts who describes it as nature’s natural cancer defense. Researchers at Tulane University School of Medicine found that melatonin is key in preventing breast cancer. Many other studies have shown the positive benefits of melatonin. The scientific research also shows that exposure to faint artificial light can stop melatonin production for that night and can turn on daytime hormones. Taoists have known the importance of darkness, meditation and solitude since ancient times.

A real no nonsense solitude vacation requires that worldly habits be put on pause. Vices and artificial devices can be just as disruptive as people. Communicating with people through technology or keeping informed of the latest happenings undermines solitude. Time spent in solitude should be interaction with self – not technology. Vices like sugary foods and drugs offer a way to escape your feelings. The purpose of solitude is to connect with your feelings for a deeper understanding of self.

Benefits Of Solitude

Motivate yourself to abstain from vices by thinking about the benefits of solitude.

Better understanding of self.
Achieving harmony with conscious and subconscious mind.
Less fear.
Lower stress.
Lower blood-pressure.
Calm nerves.
Feeling more organized mentally.
Less attachment to things that don’t matter.
More confidence.
Increased sensitivity.
Increased clarity.
Increased creativity.
Increase in energy.
Increase in overall health.
Increased appreciation and love for people.

Detach and Detox

If detaching from artificial stimulation and vices for few days or weeks is difficult then think about what it means if you can’t.

Can’t leave something for one week indicates attachment.
Can’t leave something for three days indicates an addiction.
Can’t leave something for a day indicates a crazy obsession.

Pain Of Confrontation

A solitude vacation without drugs, technology and unhealthy food forces you to confront negative emotions, thoughts and issues.

The world makes it easy to avoid confronting our problems by offering numerous escape options. The selling of happiness and fantasy is big business. Fantasy keeps people in a dream state where they imagine their desired life while neglecting their actual life. To achieve the desired life you must first wake up from escapism so you can take real steps to get there.
A solitude vacation takes you out of fantasy and gives you a chance to think clearly.

Follow the rules of solitude for a mental and physical purge. The healing effects of one week can last for months.

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