Spending Time With Yourself

Spending time with yourself

Spending time with yourself is just as important as spending time with others. Never be afraid to be alone with your thoughts.

The sunlight soaks her skin as she sits in solitude naked on the sand. Without resistance she watches while the currents carry away the illusionary luxuries of her former life. She had no love for them. She loved the power they had to awe onlookers.

Loving Something Versus Loving The Effect It Has On Others

Material possessions and titles that are loved for the reverence and fear they evoke in others have no real worth. Someone might like a car and certain clothes because of the attention that comes with them. If the attention and admiration vanished they would have little or no interest in these things.

When an individual’s motivation for mastering a skill is money or fame and praise he has no love for the activity itself.

To truly love someone or something is to be unconcerned and uninfluenced by the views of others. A love like this cannot die even when the world scorns you for loving that thing. What we love nurtures us internally and the external repercussions are of no consequence.

Occasional solitude is essential in this competitive world where senses are overexposed. Solitude gives us the opportunity to be alone with our thoughts so we may separate the things that feed the soul from the things that feed superficial desires. Without solitude to organize the mind it is difficult to distinguish the superficial from the soulful. Spend too much time in a crowded space and your individuality gets lost. If you love yourself then spend time with yourself. Solitude fosters the creative child like mind inside. Being away from people’s opinions enables you to listen to your original inner voice.

More Than Meditation

The solitude of meditation fosters the inner peace and mindfulness necessary for daily interaction. However, other periods of solitude in addition to meditation are also necessary.

In solitude the sense of time disappears enabling anxiety free reflections on thoughts and personal experiences. Solitude provides the quiet and clarity for proper future planning. In solitude we are at peace with the moment and when it’s over we return to the world more focused and confident.

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