Sexual Energy 2.1: Using The PC Muscle

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The PC or Pneumococcus muscle is located between the anus and genitals.

The easiest way to find your Pneumococcus muscle is to stop and start the flow of urine while keeping the rest of your body relaxed. The muscle you contract to stop the flow is your Pneumococcus muscle.

If stopping the urine flow is difficult your Pneumococcus muscle is weak and needs exercise. If the muscle is really weak then you might need to seek medical help in locating it.

After experimenting with stopping your urine try to squeeze the same muscle again without urinating.

Be mindful that you are not squeezing your anus instead of the PC muscle as these muscles are in the same area. After a while of practice you’ll learn to differentiate the anus from the PC muscle.



After you have located the muscle exercise it by gently squeezing it multiple times a day. For exercises see Sexual Energy 1


After exercising this muscle you can massage the area in a circular motion counter-clockwise and clockwise.

Benefits Of Strengthening The PC Muscle

Prevents or cures incontinence
Assists with healing after the strain of giving birth.
Makes it easier for women to achieve orgasm and multiple orgasms.
Helps men to separate orgasm from ejaculation and achieve multiple orgasms.

When one masters his or her sexual energy they will depend less on PC muscle contractions during sex and instead use the breath and mind to circulate the sexual energy within the body and achieve higher orgasm. 

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