Sexual Energy 2: Sexual Energy Lifestyle

sexual energy lifestyle

Sexual kung-fu refers to specific training with the objective of increasing sexual energy. To prevent negative side effects and ensure that training produces the best results a spiritual lifestyle should be adopted.

Lifestyle is the guiding light as training alone can only get you to a limited point.

Sexual energy is recognized as very important in most ancient eastern traditions. However the intention for cultivating this precious energy differs from school to school.  Some esoteric/occult schools only emphasize physical benefits such as healing the organs, vitalizing the brain, improving eye sight and fueling creativity. Schools grounded in the physical, train students to achieve longevity and even physical immortality. More advanced schools acknowledge the physical benefits while placing higher importance on the spiritual aspects. In these schools students are taught how to create an immortal spirit body that will survive after they die. The student will be able to transfer his or her identity to this immortal spirit body. The immortal spirit body is is free from earthly needs and can travel the universe without restriction.

While the motivations for cultivation of sexual energy differ the lifestyle required remains unchanged. The spiritual and physical world are linked. What we eat, how we behave, our emotions and the way we relate to each other determine our fate in the next life. In the body sexual energy begins as physical substance which may be ovaries, sperm or sexual hormones. Through proper training the energy can nourish the body before undergoing a series of processes and finally transforming into spirit energy or shen.

Everything Is Energy

Earth is profuse in exotic energies that travel here from far across the universe.  As the law of energy states, energy cannot be destroyed but it can be changed. A distinctive characteristic of sexual energy is its ability to easily transform into other types of energy. There are physical and emotional requirements for sealing sexual energy within the body. Frequent loss of sexual energy results in slow or fast deterioration.

The Gates

The penis, vagina, anus, mouth, nostrils and eyes are gates of entry and exit for energy.

Penis – The small opening of the penis is a gate for the  entrance and exit of sexual energy.

Vagina – Energy escapes through the vagina by way of menstrual periods. Energy can be absorbed during sexual intercourse.

Anus – Strong anal muscles are important for cultivating sexual energy. when the anus is lose copious amounts of sexual energy escape in what the Taoists describe as the river of no return.

Mouth –Negative emotions and breathing through the mouth when doing exercises that require breathing through the nose causes energy to escape from this opening.

Nostrils – Energy is lost from doing certain exercises incorrectly.

Eyes – Energy is lost through negative emotions and by doing exercises incorrectly.

Ways We Lose Sexual Energy

Stressing over negative thoughts and emotions.
Poor eating habits
Unhealthy entertainment
Tight Clothing
Stressing over sexual energy loss.

During intercourse energies are exchanged. When practiced correctly it improves overall health. Outside of the bedroom in every day life people exchange energies through various means. Outside of the bedroom 90% of the time it is best to seal your energy and use it to control the external reality. Sealing the energy enables creation without expelling the essence of self. Our reactions determine if we pour our energies out or seal them.

Stressing Over Negative Thoughts and Emotions

Sexual energy amplifies our current emotional state. Yang is hot masculine energy and Yin is cold feminine energy. They are found in both genders and should be balanced. If one is full of hate and anger sexual energy will multiply these emotions and turn them into hot toxic energy, creating  imbalance and internal disturbance.

The way we handle thoughts and emotions has the power to reduce, increase or alter sexual energy. It may be transformed into a higher energy or something venomous.

To prevent energy loss or toxic formation we need to change how we react to negative emotions and become detached from our thoughts. The emotion or thought by itself has no power over us. It is how we react to them. When negative thoughts and emotions are in control it can result in outward expressions of violence, destruction of property and abusive language. They can cause physical reactions like tension, increased heart rate, lack of concentration, sweating, trembling, tiredness, appetite increase, appetite loss, restlessness and constipation. These reactions cause sexual energy loss, internal organ damage and dis-ease.

Abusive language and violence is sometimes described as letting off steam and releasing stress.

“I needed to let off some steam.” is what is sometimes said.

This kind of negative expression creates a good feeling but causes sexual energy loss. The feeling of relaxation comes from letting go of the energy with negative actions.

If keeping the negative emotional energy inside is harmful and letting it out results in energy loss then we must change it back to positive emotions.

Spiritual practices like meditation and yoga can transmute the negative emotional energy to positive.

Another way is through assertive communication. Assertive communication is expressing your displeasure in a civil manner. Assertive communication allows you to lose the stress while keeping the energy. In assertive communication you focus on the point without using abusive language even if the other party is being immature. When something is bothering you emotionally, it creates blocks around the heart and hinders the flow of sexual energy. Assertive communication can clear these blocks.

Going for a walk can also help.

An elder monk was speaking to his students about how negative emotions would sometimes arise in his mind at various times and instead of reacting he simply relaxed and let them flow.

Whenever they arose he would say:

“That’s interesting I feel fear.”
“Why do I feel this?”
“Ahh because I’m afraid that…….”

“That’s interesting I feel anger.”
“Why do I feel this?”
“I see it’s because….”

His open honest observation prevented the emotions from getting negative reactions out of him.


Ejaculation is the easiest way for a man to lose sexual energy. Thankfully ejaculation and orgasm are two different things that may be separated. Any man can learn this with sexual practice. All men should take the time to learn how to separate the two because sperm is an essential life force rich in vitamins and minerals.


The ovaries are a major producer of sexual energy, much of which is unused and lost during menstruation. Regular practice of yoga, meditation and exercise can help to lessen the menstural flow and allow the body to retain energy.  Sexual energy training or sexual kung-fu can completely stop or lessen the flow. When ovarian energy is retained it can nurture the organs, fuel creativity and elevate self to a higher state of consciousness. Buddhist nuns practiced specific exercises called slaying the red dragon that completely stopped periods.

The PC and breathing exercises described in Sexual Energy 1 can help women to circulate this energy and prepare themselves for more exercises later on. In Sexual Energy 3 we shall explore more exercises for women.

Poor Eating Habits

Poor eating habits make it difficult to seal sexual energy within the body. Regardless of what you eat there are universal rules that you should follow.

Generally experts in the ancient arts of sexual kung-fu, Taoism, yoga and meditation eat less because they have mastered the art of sealing the energy within.

Giri Bala a saint from India was able to go over fifty years without food by learning a specific meditation and yoga that allowed her to feed on cosmic energy. Prahlad Jani a sadhu from India has not eaten in over 70 years. Prahlad Jani says he is sustained by the goddess Amba who has given him the ability to live off life force energy. For fifteen days Prahlad Jani was kept under surveillance at Sterling Hospital and studied by neurologist Dr Sudhir Shah. During the entire time of his stay he was monitored by CCTV cameras and was not seen eating or drinking at all. He was given a small amount of water to bathe in and the water was monitored during baths. The project was funded by the Indian defense institute of physiology and allied sciences (Dipas), There are stories like this all over the world with people who have not eaten for years. while some of these are fraudulent others are difficult to dismiss as these people have been closely studied and monitored. One thing they all share is the fact that they all use different spiritual practices to seal sexual energy within the body while allowing it to multiply, even when their intention was not to do that.

Warning: It is dangerous to fast without experience.

Avoid eating and drinking too late – This is especially true for men who tend to have wet dreams more when they drink heavily at nights. Sexual energy is lost in wet dreams.

Eat mindfully – Mindful eating will help to prevent bad habits like compulsive eating which can cause obesity.

Eat raw – learn to appreciate the full taste of fruits and vegetables without adding salt, pepper and other spices. Most people can eat a mango without adding anything but they need to cook green leafy vegetables. Try incorporating as much raw food as possible into your diet.

Sugar is sickness disguised as sweetness. The negative effects of this drug masquerading as food are long enough to form a chain from earth to mars. There is no safe amount of sugar, only less harmful amounts. Sugar disrupts the production of sexual energy by putting unnecessary stress on the liver and may even cause liver disease. The liver, kidney and heart are the dedicated workers of the temple, one of their many functions being to refine raw invisible air energy after our bodies absorb it.  After the refinement they send this energy to the brain where it can perform higher functions. The harmful effects of sugar will directly or indirectly affect these organs. Avoid artificial sweeteners like aspartame as many of them are even more harmful than sugar.  Honey is not as harmful as sugar when used in moderation. There are many different types of sugars and sweeteners on the market and it can be quite confusing. Just avoid sweetened processed food and eat fruits instead.

Avoid Drugs – Illegal, legal and pharmaceutical

Plant as much as you can and stay away from GMOs

Unhealthy Entertainment

According to Taoisim, organs are the parents and senses are the children of the body. When entertainment is overused it becomes more than just a harmless way to pass the time. It becomes a trigger for unhealthy emotional reactions that take a toll on the internal organs, draining and disrupting energy.

Vital essence is lost  in reactions of sadness, excitement, anger and fear to celebrity news and fictional characters.

The main focus of spiritual practice is to help people connect with their inner world and the energies inside of them. Entertainment on the other hand serves the purpose of overstimulating people and taking them away from self to obsess and waste energy on illusionary projections. Every 30 minutes new videos are posted of fights, pranks, sex, dancing, video game play, debates, sports, entertainment news and gossip. Much of this entertainment is unhealthy substance with little or no intellectual value. The constant consumption of entertainment on television, internet and radio is over-stimulation. The endless arguing in the comment sections on blogs and video sites is evidence of the power and control entertainment has over people. Someone is always defending or criticizing a celebrity, someone is always making a racist or sexist comment and another person is always counteracting that comment. They go back and fourth eventually forgetting about the original article or video they came to see in the first place.  They spend all this time and energy debating about celebrities that don’t know they exist.

The emotional reactions that are triggered by the excessive entertainment intake is just as or even more dangerous than unhealthy eating.

With moderation the entertainment problem can be easily corrected.  Moderating entertainment means limiting the type and the amount of entertainment you expose yourself to. Give yourself reasonable limits. Limit the number of movies and the amount of  music you consume each week.

It’s also good to go every now and then for anytime between a week to one month without any music, movies or video games. This might seem difficult but it will give you the chance to connect with yourself internally like you have never done before. Your health, clarity and clairvoyance will increase tremendously. During the time of no entertainment the yoga, meditation and sexual kung-fu you practice will have a greater effect.


Although the news is not entertainment it can trigger the same negative emotional reactions and drain your energy. Too much news can cause you to have a pessimistic outlook on the world which will in turn attract some of that negativity in your life. Some alternative news sources push the truth but do it in a way to induce fear. Others mix truth and lies. The same rules that apply to entertainment apply to the news. Don’t over consume and watch it with an open mind.

Sexual energy production is heavily influenced by emotions which can affect the internal organs that play different roles in the refinement and circulation of your energy.

Tight Clothing

Even though the man might feel no physical discomfort tight underwear overheats the testicles. Tight blouses can stop the flow of chi in the nipples.


In a relationship mutual interest in sexual energy cultivation is essential for things to run smoothly.
This is especially the case when the woman is interested but the man isn’t.  When the woman is not  interested a determined man may circumvent the problem by using solo training to learn how to separate orgasm from ejaculation and use his acquired skill to increase the quality of his sex life. However when the woman who cultivates her sexual energy forms a union with a man who has no interest it is disastrous for her.  During intercourse she will absorb a large amount of negative energy leaving the man drained and herself dangerously overloaded.


Even without the threat of sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancy promiscuity is harmful to sexual energy development.  Intercourse is an exchange of energy that comes with thoughts emotions and feelings.

A committed relationship strengthens the bond until partners become one.

Sharing self with two, three, four, five or even ten people might feel pleasurable but it’s not happiness. The various energies and emotions absorbed from people during sex has no commitment and love to hold it together. The ones who live a promiscuous lifestyle are split into multiple fractions, the absorption without the seal of commitment puts them at the mercy of the various energies turning them    into slaves of desire. Unless they decide to change, their spiritual energy is eventually depleted.

Stressing Over Sexual Energy Loss

People who know the value of sexual energy are sometimes burdened with the psychological stress of feeling guilty for having no self control. The unenlightened are free from the burden of self blame because they are clueless to what is wasted when they engage in activities that cause them to lose sexual energy. Athletes who know the value of sexual energy feel guilty and upset with themselves when they have ejaculatory sex the night before a game.

Stressing over the energy lost solves nothing and adds more problems while pushing progress further back. Instead of stressing one should  keep practising and realize that occasional energy loss cannot completely reverse the progression of someone elevating to higher self.


Sexual Energy 3: Spinal Stairway To Heaven

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