Evidence For The Obvious

evidence for the obvious

Every day people debate the safety of products. Each side cites studies and scientific evidence to substantiate its perspective.

In most cases those defending obviously harmful products are regular people with no ties to the manufacturers. In fact ordinary people sometimes do a better job defending corporations than the corporations themselves. The existence of these debates is a sign that something is fundamentally wrong as people should automatically know that certain things are harmful without any evidence. When this mentality spreads it creates a society of adult infants who can’t decide for themselves. We live in a society where people are willing to consume harmful ingredients as long as these have been officially approved by an agency.

A large body of scientific evidence stands boldly to counter corporate and government claims about the safety of everyday chemicals. This evidence is corroborated by thousands of books, research papers, video and audio files with testimonies from independent researchers on the harmfulness of products we use daily.

The public observing the spectacle of independent scientists debating with their corporate aligned counterparts, ultimately take sides based on instructions from higher authority.

It is only in cases where there is an extreme amount of evidence against a government endorsed product that the general consumer exhibits critical thinking.

Fundamental Issues Need To Be Examined

Why does a large section of society require evidence for the obvious while a few can tell immediately that something is wrong?

Most people are good and can’t imagine that their trusted leaders betray them.

Why do some people just accept everything authority feeds them?

It is difficult to think freely when caught inside a television box.

While sleepers wait for scientific evidence served to them on a silver platter, independent thinkers know the following items are dangerous.

Pesticides –  I see fields of green, yellow, red, pink, purple and blue leached of life and crumble to black ash after a few sprays. Intelligent individuals don’t need a study to know this is harmful. Basic understanding and perception is enough to show that this will leave harmful residue and affect future crops.

Herbicides –Smell like death. They kill all crawling and flying insects which are necessary for the balance of nature. Do we need a scientist to hold our hands and explain how this pollutes the earth, atmosphere and kills people slowly?

Fluoride – Factory waste, enough said.

Genetically Modified Foods – Needing evidence to know that modifying nature’s perfection is wrong represents a deeper problem.

Sugar – Artificial, too far from the real thing.

Plastics – Before BPA dangers became exposed and companies started slapping colourful BPA free stickers on plastics intelligent people knew harmful chemicals leeched from plastics at extreme temperatures and always used more wholesome containers like wood, glass, stainless steel and porcelain when consuming something hot or cold. Even now we still don’t consider this new BPA free breed safe because plastic has over 100,000 chemicals.

People in their right minds are repulsed by the thought of something artificial inside them.

Genetically modified foods involve removal or addition of genes to create a desired effect. Some of them are herbicide resistant which means when everything in the field is sprayed they will be the only ones standing. Some create their own pesticide. Rearranging the perfect order of nature is dangerous.

Fluoride is very toxic to humans and the environment in its raw form. It’s costly to properly dispose of this chemical and because corporations don’t want to spend they put it in toothpaste and water. It’s promoted as something that’s good for teeth but research shows it’s dangerous and has no right inside of us. This is slow poison.

People dedicated to exposing the truth are often ridiculed and called conspiracy theorists. While some so called conspiracy theorists are extreme alarmists many have solid facts to hold up their points.

One who craves evidence for the obvious has fallen from the intuitive instinctive nature that we have all been gifted with. Intuition and discernment have been with us before books and institutions.

Cultivation of spirituality is needed now more than ever to bring back basic instinct, intuition and critical thinking to the masses.

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