Represent Your Truth

Represent Your Truth

An orotund voice booms from a speaker on the sidewalk. He stares up and points a warning finger to the sky urging people to look at the chemicals trailing behind the planes. He speaks of  atrocities at the grove that involve secret meetings and blood sacrifice. He talks about the new world order and government corruption.

Pedestrians stop to observe the towering speaker who stands firm with a bold red sign draped over his upper body that reads: “BEWARE OF THE BEAST”.

As the speaker gets louder the crowd increases and begins to look more like an audience at a formal event. His spouting of theories that challenge fundamental beliefs cause members of the audience to challenge his statements and ask questions. His replies are polite and prompt. After each reply he gives a reference for further research. Supporters in the audience make a synchronised shout of “truth” each time he touches on a point or answers a challenge from a doubter. The cold corner is now a warm gathering. Cell phones pointed from the crowd record the event and in a few minutes his message goes online giving him wings.

Occasionally we see brave intelligent speakers abandon fears of ridicule to speak out against corruption. Informal public speaking is unpredictable. Outcomes usually depend on the energy and delivery of speakers. Successful informal preaching, teaching or speaking requires high energy and strong self-confidence. It draws large crowds and demands respect and attention.

When individuals who share our truth speak out, we get a healthy dose of energy boosting motivation. It reassures us that we are not alone.

Whether it’s planned or spontaneous, informal public speaking takes carefree courageousness especially in times when people suppress their views in favour of political correctness.

Public speaking, lecturing or preaching is not for most people. Fortunately we can all express our truth in ways comfortable to us. It may be through art, writing, community building, activism or charity. It can be expressed through wearing a shirt with a political or philosophical statement like the following:


Vaccines should be optional.

Say NO to GMO

These actions spark the curiosity that pushes people to investigate. Living your truth means going beyond words. Let your appearance reflect who you are inside and convey a message of truth, openness, equality and liberty.

Forsaking the truth

Do you talk to people who hold opposite beliefs from you or do you consider it a waste of time?

Do you hide your views just to fit in?

If you hide your views, analyze why. Maybe you think your opinion is too different from those who see things differently and it makes no sense to expose them to your reasoning. Maybe you want to be diplomatic and avoid conflict, maybe you fear being scorned.

Think about the different people you encounter and how you interact with them. Think about the issues you want more people to be aware of then think about how you can help with the exposure. Think about what you have done so far and what you can do. Are you happy with what you have done so far? Is there more you can do?

Diplomacy is necessary to avoid conflict with hostile individuals who hold their view as absolute truth. An individual’s statements indicate the distance he is from your truth. Individuals may or may not be reachable.

Those who are reachable are open minded and humble. They might be far from your truth but they are willing to listen. Sometimes they just need a little convincing. Sometimes your statements take effect years after. They might not agree with everything you say but they will take a few things.

Unreachable individuals are hostile and hold their truth as absolute. A conversation is usually a waste of energy. The effort taken with them is not worth it.

“The truth will always come out.”
“What is in darkness must come to light.”
“The truth needs no defense.”

So often these statements and variants of them are shouted proudly by people in spiritual circles. While these thoughts are reassuring they may be misleading as it is implied that once the truth comes out it will magically make things right. These statements also suggest that truth has to come out with or without our help. But the reality is the exact opposite. Many generations live their lives believing lies. These lies go on and on, outliving people.

Sometimes the truth comes to light but most people don’t believe it. Copious examples of this exist today. The truth about genetically modified foods, chemtrails and fluoride is out but many people refuse to accept it. Lies and truth live side by side and public support decides which one is stronger.

Brave public speakers have kept the flame of truth alive from generation to generation by speaking out. Without them ignorance would dominate all.

You don’t have to go on the street to speak, unless that’s what you really want. Speak out in your own way.

Represent your remarkable truth.

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