The Pathless Spiritual Path

The pathless spiritual path

The spiritual path is a pathless road where one is guided by intuition and right actions. People from all walks of life travel the path. To stay on track requires focus, mindfulness. Although individual paths are similar each has unique qualities. For some the journey is a struggle while others find it effortless.

Individuals with vices find it difficult to walk the path. Vices can be anything from gambling, drinking, smoking, taking prescription drugs, abusive relationships and porn. Vices create unhealthy repetition, struggle and stagnancy. The struggle comes from the constant fighting to free self from addiction. Repetition comes from a cycle of victory and failure. Abstinence from the addiction lasts for a few days or weeks before there is a relapse. Stagnancy comes from not making any real progress. Few have been lucky enough to break free from vices and progress on the path while the majority are forever bound.

Narcissists give the impression that they travel the path by hiding their self centeredness under half hearted acts of kindness .They try to walk the path to impress others. Their good deeds are done for applause, praise, recognition and even money. All these things feed their superficial needs.  Unlike other narcissists who are proud of their superficiality this type of narcissist is obsessed with the idea of appearing spiritual and selfless. They sometimes work with charitable organizations and do just enough to create a good reputation while stealing the real bounty behind the scenes. They sometimes work as school counsellors, speak out against things and reprimand students for activities they secretly do. They may work for governments or take positions as religious or spiritual leaders and psychologists.  They have fooled the average person into believing that they are on the path but people close to them know that they are short tempered when it comes to any form of criticism, that they like all the focus to be on them. When the doors are closed and the world is not watching their true colors show.

People pleasers will not survive the path. Though their intentions might be good they become so diplomatic and divided that they stand for nothing and spirituality is all about standing for right values.

The Past

Forgiving self and others for whatever happened is necessary to progress on the path. True forgiveness does not ask for acceptance. True forgiveness is breaking all resentment and remorse. Forgiveness takes strength and should not be rushed. Sometimes it takes a deeper understanding of a situation to foster healing and subsequently forgiveness.

The more negative aspects of self are dissolved the easier it becomes to travel the road.

The Lifestyle

The path is a lifestyle that brings joy for a lifetime.

Honesty, bravery, determination, self respect and respect for others are qualities needed to travel the path. The path begins by cultivating these qualities in heart and mind

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