Definitions of spirituality differ depending on religious beliefs, politics, culture and sexuality. There are various perceptions of spirituality and the concept has been hijacked by many organizations and leaders who use fear to confuse and pressure people into accepting their way. Real spiritual teachers help others to unlock what they have inside so they can become independent. Con artists and religious pimps encourage dependency. Regardless of the differences anyone interested in cultivating spirituality should strive to acquire the following qualities

The ability to give to others and not expect anything in return.

The ability to forgive self and others.

Respecting all plants, animals, insects and realizing that they all make an important contribution to the world.

The ability to see that every single thing is connected in some way.



Realization that life does not end when the physical body stops.

Self Control



Spiritual Practice

A spiritual practice is any wholesome activity that generates the inner peace which is our true nature. Meditation, Taoism, kung-fu, karate, yoga, qigong, gardening and observing nature are examples of spiritual practices. Spiritual practices enrich everything else in life. Internal peace increases energy, reduces stress and allows clearer thinking.

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