The Rot

The Rot

Whatever you focus on will increase. This is a universal law.

Sometimes the simplest things create the most dangerous problems. Sometimes the most dangerous problems are solved by simple solutions.

Rotting dead skin is sometimes caused from bleaching. Tooth decay often results from over consumption of processed foods.  Diseased meat ends up inside people. Wherever there is death the rot may be found. Slaves to bad habits feed this infection growing plague.

Rot is opposition to nature’s green and the life blood that is red. The rot, red and green have been in conflict for ages. Red and green have allied or opposed each other depending on the atmosphere of the times. However both are forever enemies of the rot, one of the oldest and deadliest forces on earth.

The rot, powerless on its own is fueled by the bad habits of addicted slaves. One decayed tooth eventually becomes a mouthful. The spread of lifestyle diseases is escalated by excess and indiscipline.

Protection Against The Rot

Protection comes from consumption of life foods like raw fruits and vegetables .  Surround your house with plants. Wherever you are have at least one plant. Keep yourself clean.

Esoteric/Occult Protection

The ankh symbol helps to ward off the rot.

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