The Overbearing Know It All

know it all

Many pretend to know but know little; few pretend not to know but know.

Know It All

A know it all pretends to know it all. These individuals are draining and overexposure to their forceful competitive nature prevents you from learning at your own speed. They love the limelight and are quick to display their intellect anytime they get the chance. They are quick to highlight the mistakes of others while blind to their own. They are devoid of humility. They have influenced others to expect perfection from them. They carry a heavy load all because they are afraid to say: I don’t know.

Beings on the spiritual path should be modest and accepting when their errors are highlighted even when this is done in an aggressive and boastful tone. When corrected by a know it all be thankful and mindful not to repeat the error.

A know it all gets gratification from correcting people publicly. They sometimes talk loudly in order to draw attention to the situation. They lack the ability to recognize that some things might be embarrassing and require a discrete approach. These overbearing individuals are found everywhere. They like to invite themselves into conversations or interrupt speeches to draw attention to mistakes. Sometimes the error is so insignificant that the spectacle and disruption caused is unwarranted.

The high energy of the know it all is sometimes magnetic and pulls people in but fails to hold them because after a while it becomes obvious that they are just aggressive individuals who lack real knowledge.

Handling The Know It All At Work

In everyday life you are under no obligation to back up your opinions with facts or explain yourself to a know it all. However the situation is different at work.

These individuals are abusive in positions of power.  Realize that your position is not permanent, be tolerant and diplomatic until you can move to a higher level or leave that job.

For the know it all regular conversation is a battle and correcting someone is a big victory for them. When they are proved wrong they get offended. Even being corrected over the simplest thing is a stab to their egos.

When at work speak politely, be clear and certain in whatever you say. Have facts to back up your statements so you can defend yourself when the know it all interrupts your presentation.

When speaking smile.

If challenged by them in a meeting only answer or ask questions directly related to the topic. It is very easy for the conversation to stray and go into other areas.

A know it all may latch on to someone vulnerable and become like a pest. Situations like this are more stressful at the workplace. All they need is an opening to change the direction of the conversation so keep it short and courteous with them.

Remember that dealing with these individuals is only part of your day. They have to manage their stressful personality 24/7, 365 days of the year.

Do not challenge or argue with these individuals. Debates should be a healthy experience that both parties benefit from. If they get aggressive remain calm and end the conversation.

Individuals who can only hear their own voice are not open to opposing views, creating a knowledge limitation for them. You should be objective and remain open to their views.

Breaking Free

Correction helps to eliminate ignorance, confusion and disorder. However it must be done courteously and sometimes discretely.

Resist urges to boast about knowledge as this is shallow and does nothing good. In this sometimes cut throat competitive world people are put to shame for lacking knowledge and as a result many are afraid to say the words “I don’t know.”

Ultimately people who have real knowledge remain humble and are always hungry for more. The know it all however fades out.

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