Sexual Energy 1: Cultivating Sexual Energy

cultivating sexual energy

Please read this article completely before attempting any of the exercises. The exercises in this article are not a replacement for medical treatment. Please seek professional care if you need assistance.

Although sexual energy is extremely powerful it is often not optimized or properly channeled. Sexual energy is accumulated in the genitals and released during wet dreams, intercourse or masturbation. This energy along with many other vital essences contained in the semen are expelled in ejaculation. Semen contains zinc, enzymes, proteins, vitamins, minerals and hormones. All of this vital substance goes to waste unless used in procreation or circulated throughout the body.

Orgasm Vs Ejaculation

The average man has not been taught that orgasm and ejaculation are two different things that may be separated. Ejaculation quickly follows orgasm so distinction is difficult.  A man who learns to separate them may enjoy sex without losing sexual energy.

We live in an age where mainstream media establishments push sexual messages directly and subliminally  through movies, music, commercials, magazines and billboards. The porn industry is thriving and millions are addicted.  Research shows that many of the addicts are men who, hooked on masturbation, ejaculate multiple times per day. Most western health practitioners don’t highlight the dangers of frequent ejaculation.  In fact sometimes it is seen as a good thing. On the other hand, for ages ancient civilizations like the Taoists have studied sexuality and warned against the dangers of frequent ejaculation. Their studies have shown that it contributes to loss of energy and shortening of lifespan. Sexual energy should be circulated throughout the entire body. This energy, confined to the genitals, accumulates until it is released through ejaculation via sexual intercourse, masturbation or wet dreams. Celibacy in many traditional cultures is associated with strength. Abstaining from sex has been practiced by athletes in various sports from ancient times to modern day. Experience has taught them that too much ejaculation leads to the loss of energy, vital nutrients and fluids from the body. There are exercises passed down from ancient times which may be used by both men and women to circulate, control and prevent loss of sexual energy.  This is an important component of sexual and spiritual discipline, which prevents desire from becoming stronger than will.

Cultivating Sexual Energy

Exercising the pubococcygeus (PC) muscle and belly breathing techniques are important in helping to circulate sexual energy. The PC muscle stretches from the pubes towards the coccyx and helps to form the pelvic floor. This muscle deserves attention and regular exercise like any other body part. Cultivating sexual energy starts with the breath. Belly breathing also called diaphragmatic breathing or abdominal breathing is a simple yet powerful exercise that helps to spread sexual energy throughout the body.  These exercises can be done at anytime. Wait at least one hour after eating before starting these exercises. Breathe through your nose. These techniques require you to count mentally. Try to remain focused while counting. Counting without letting your mind wander strengthens focus.

Breathing Exercises For Men And Women


Practice 1:Belly Breathing

Sit on the edge of a chair with your back straight feet touching the floor. (Best if done barefooted). Put your hands over your navel while inhaling and expanding your belly then exhale while pulling your belly back. This can be repeated anywhere from 18- 100 times. Lying down and standing are other variations of this exercise.

Practice 2: Belly laughing

This exercise is similar to belly breathing but faster. Place your hands over your navel and breathe rapidly from your stomach until it starts vibrating.

Finding PC Muscle Men/Women

Find your PC muscle by stopping and starting the flow of your urine. Keep the rest of your body relaxed while stopping the urine. The muscle you contract to stop the flow is your PC muscle. If stopping the urine flow is difficult your PC muscle is weak and needs the exercise. If the muscle is really weak then you might need to seek medical help in locating it.

Exercising the PC muscle helps to prevent or remedy incontinence and assists with healing after the strain of giving birth.  A strong PC muscle also makes it easier for women to achieve orgasm.

PC Muscle Exercises For Men And Women

Practice 1: PC Breathing

Inhale and fill your stomach with air then exhale while contracting your PC muscle. Inhale and relax your PC muscle then exhale while contracting your PC muscle again. Repeat this  9, 18 or 36 times.

Practice 2: PC Squeezing And Holding

Contract your PC muscle and the muscles around your eyes and mouth for 10 seconds then relax, contract again then relax. Repeat this for about 5 times. (The PC muscle is circular and according to the Taoists circular muscles are all connected and contracting the eyes and mouth at the same time brings more strength to the PC muscle. The eye and mouth contraction may be gentle.)

Practice 3: Inhale And Squeeze

Inhale while gently squeezing the PC muscle, exhale and release. Repeat this 9, 18 or 36 while holding your breath for at least 10 seconds. The more advanced you get the longer you can hold your breath but don’t strain yourself.


PC Muscle Exercises For Men

A strong PC muscle allows a man to separate orgasm from ejaculation. When the PC muscle is squeezed at the right time ejaculation is prevented but the feeling of orgasm remains. To master control of the PC muscle it must be exercised regularly. When a man masters this he will only ejaculate for procreation.  The orgasm that does not involve ejaculation has healing effects on body and mind where as ejaculatory orgasms are draining.  The PC muscle can stop the release of sperm similarly to how it stops the release of urine. Notice the sensations in your body and the different levels of pleasure. When you are near ejaculation squeeze your PC muscle and take a few deep breaths, Do not wait until you are at the point of no return. Wait until you are close but not that close. You might ejaculate on your first attempts at doing this, just keep trying and be patient. The time it takes to have non ejaculatory orgasms differs for each man. If you are successful in stopping the ejaculation you can pump your PC muscle repeatedly and circulate the sexual energy throughout your body.

Important Note: After a while of practice you will no longer need to squeeze the PC muscle to control orgasm, all control of your sexual energy will be mental. But beginners have to master the basics first.


Practice 1: Breathing From The Testicles

Hold your testicles in hand and gently lift them while inhaling and squeezing your PC muscle. Exhale and relax, inhale again while squeezing your PC muscle exhale and relax. You can do this exercise for about 5 to 10 minutes. When you are finished use your tongue to touch the roof of your mouth See figure 1  where the arrow goes.

Figure 1

After a while of practicing you should feel the energy traveling from testicles to spine then the top of your head. When it reaches the top of your head using the tongue to touch the roof of your mouth sends the energy down your head, throat, chest and finally behind your navel where it can rest safely. Leaving the energy in the head is dangerous. If energy is still felt up there exhale deeply and touch the roof of your mouth with your tongue again. Behind the navel, chest and in the head are three energy centers called tan-tien. Like chakras the tan-tien are closed in the average person. But sexual energy practices can help to open them.

Practice 4: Testicle Massage

These three testicle massages are very important. The first one helps with circulation and removes blockages, the second energizes the testicles and improves sperm production and the third keeps the sperm ducts healthy.

Hold one testicle between thumb and forefinger of each hand and gently massage it. It should go back and forth between the fingers of each hand. See figure 2

Figure 2

Hold your penis up with your left hand and gently tap your right testicle with  the middle finger of your right hand. Switch hands and gently tap the other. See figure 3

Figure 3

Wrap your thumb and index finger around the base of your testicles and gently pull forward. Contract your PC muscle. It will pull backwards. Doing the same thing pull your penis to the left while contracting your PC muscle which will pull to the right, pull your penis to the right while contracting your PC muscle to the left. Finally gently pull your penis down while keeping your thumb and index finger at the base of your testicles while contracting your PC muscle. Illustrated in figure 4

Figure 3

Important Massage And Relaxation Techniques

Massage your lower back and behind the neck after doing the exercises. The massages are done in a simple circular motion equally in both directions. Massage the tail bone and spine. Massage your lower back between the indentations. Massage your PC muscle in a circular motion. This is the space between your genitals and anus.

Use a silk cloth to assist you with the massage.

Touch the roof of your mouth with your tongue and allow any energy that is in your head to safely go down into your stomach.

It is important to do these relaxing techniques after sexual energy exercises, they are similar to doing stretches after weight lifting.

General Lifestyle

Practice these sexual energy techniques as part of a general healthy lifestyle. Exercise, yoga and meditation are also necessary and can enhance sexual energy. Kundalini energy is sexual energy . If you are suffering from any type of illness consult a doctor before doing this or any type of sexual energy exercises.

Recommended Reading

This essay is an introduction to the basics of sexual energy. There is much more to do and learn. If you are serious about your health and increasing your energy in this competitive and demanding world you should get the following books. They are small investments with timeless benefits.  These books go into much more detail.

The Multi Orgasmic Man by Mantak Chia

Healing Love through the Tao: Cultivating Female Sexual Energy by Mantak Chia

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Sexual Energy 2: The Lifestyle

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