Overcoming Meditation Challenges

Meditation Challenges

The simple yet powerful practice of meditation is usually problem free and comes with a set of specific gifts. One of these is the improved focus experienced by all practitioners. We also have a unique experience when we become still in our little corner. However these experiences may be confusing, leading people to ask many questions. Meditation teachers can be very helpful in these situations.


Increased sensitivity may be one of the results of meditation. Food tastes spicier and the sounds we are accustomed to every day might seem louder. The volume of life in general is turned up. The best way to deal with this is to take your time. Whenever you feel overwhelmed take a few deep breaths from the stomach.

Chew food slowly and appreciate this new found sensitivity.

In addition to increasing sense perception, meditation may increase empathy and allow one to see through the veneer put up by every day people. This allows you to feel the hurt, anger, depression and fear of others. When this empathy is not managed properly it can cause illness.

Lowering the ego, following the heart and practicing detachment are three ways to deal with sensitivity.

Following the heart means doing what you think is morally right. Sensitivity like this causes emotional pain when the person does something they think is wrong. When they encounter others with pain this can make things worse.

Lowering the ego is necessary to enable one to not take things personally. In today’s world of social media, gossip and psychological warfare it’s easy for a person to become attached to what people say and take offence.

Following the heart leads to a free conscience and easy detachment from any situation. Detachment means doing your best in life and not worrying about results. It means not worrying over what people think. It does not mean lack of conscience. Detachment helps you to do things in moderation.

The increased energy that meditation gives should be used constructively. If you have problems in the real world use it to fix them. Idleness and high energy are a dangerous combination.

Dealing with people can get a bit much. A good idea also is to occasionally take yourself away from all people and social media. Alone time outside of meditation will help you to sort out and organize all your thoughts without having to worry about incoming impressions.


Difficult postures can cause pain. Choose a posture you can manage. Stretching and yoga before or after sessions will also help to ease discomfort.

Unresolved Issues

Meditation often pushes unresolved issues to the surface. It may be a case of forgiving self or someone or confessing to an atrocious act. Whatever is buried in your past can still affect your behaviour in ways that you don’t realize. Unresolved issues may also be set off by triggers and cause sudden behavioural problems. If the issues keep arising don’t run from them. The safest thing is to accept the past so you can make peace with it, resolve the issue and move on with your life.

Involuntary Movements

Although meditation is about stillness some people report involuntary movements during practice. These are usually nothing to worry about and are sometimes caused when energy moving through the body encounters blockages. Movements may occur in the hands, spine, head and other parts of the body. People I have spoken to report trembling hands and head movements. If these movements are painless, just let them be.

No Motivation And Sleep

If drowsiness is a problem, choose a posture that is not too comfortable.  Generally you might also need to get enough sleep.
Meditation will seem pointless and boring and lead to slumbering if your reasons for doing it are not clear. Make a list of reasons why you practice. Being motivated and happy about your practice will lead to better performance. That said one should not go into meditation with expectations as this may lead to disappointment.  However it is always good to know why you do something.

Neglected Lower Chakras

People who meditate sometimes report feeling more alive in their upper chakras while feeling cut off and ungrounded from their lower chakras down.

Grounding while belly breathing is a simple exercise that can help to remedy this. It’s best done outside bare footed.

Sit on the edge of a chair in the warm sunlight, keeping your spine straight. Feel the warmth of the earth on the soles of your feet as it travels upwards. Visualize the energy travelling upward to your spine to the top of your head. Feel the connection with the earth and become one.
Place your hands over your stomach and take a deep breath in as you feel your stomach expand. Exhale and feel it press backwards. Do this anywhere from 36 to 100 times. As you inhale visualize breathing with the earth as one.

Getting Too Esoteric

People from all over the world have reported fantastic occurrences during meditation. People have been said to consciously leave their bodies and go to other worlds or stay in the room and watch themselves sitting. Some report seeing light and seeing in the dark.

Some are overcome with emotions and cry uncontrollably. This can be a relaxing and stress releasing experience.

Whatever happens try not to worry or analyze it. If things ever get too intense and you feel scared take a break.

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