Transcending The Spellbound

Starting a spiritual journey is an exciting experience but can also be stressful depending on your environment. More people, especially those in the western world, are realizing that spirituality and religion are two different things. People are searching for something but they don’t know what. The established religious systems don’t seem to be able to give them an intimate connection with self.

A great shift is occurring in the world. On one side are the spellbound on the other the liberated and those in the process of waking up.

Those spellbound are divided by religion, race, and class. The spellbound have invested everything in their leaders.  They refuse to detach because they fear the unknown, they are afraid of realizing that almost everything they have been taught was a lie. So they stay in the illusion of separation and feel safe.

The earth is rebelling against the evils and corruption of the higher ups, the old model is slowly crumbling. Those liberated and in the process of being liberated from the illusion are the bravest and face the most challenges. They realize that the old systems of power are deteriorating.

The brave have awakened from the illusion and the spellbound want to pull them back in. Love is the thing that holds those liberated together. There is no institution or religious order just love. The powers that be and the spellbound under their control are frustrated and confused by this fact. There is no selfishness, nothing to be exploited and no hidden agenda.

In the old way of thinking people looked externally for peace and divinity. In the new way people look within. New is a relative term. The spiritual liberation in the west might be a new phenomenon but in the east it is ancient. So in reality what is considered “a new age of thought” in the west is actually a return to ancient ways.

The physical and mental challenges faced by people in the west who wish to return to natural living can sometimes be a heavy burden to bear. Most journeys usually start when a spellbound individual takes up a spiritual practice such as meditation or decides to check out alternative media. Liberation does not happen overnight. The process takes place over months resulting in change in eating habits, behaviour and perspective. Then one day the individual realizes that he has become a completely different person.  He or She reaches out to friends

Many people experiencing the shift in consciousness have no support. They are criticised and made fun of by friends and family. The very people they look to for support.  The liberated live in a world outside of the illusion. They see the good and evil others can’t because their pineal glands are not calcified.
They are called paranoid when they point out things like chemtrails. They are called superstitious for seeing spirits. The spellbound use derogatory names to describe their beliefs. The discrimination is too difficult to bear at times which results in their falling back into the illusion with the spellbound. They suppress the truth in order to gain acceptance from friends and family. These people suffer much more than people who are in the illusion and don’t know. They suffer more than those fighting to spread truth and because of this they become the most unhappy type.


Numerous movements exist worldwide for the sole purpose of exposing corruption in high places and providing solutions to problems that the average person can use. These movements have varying levels of organization.

Organizations like Linux, The Linux Foundation and Free Software Foundation work to provide free and open source technologies that give users full control.  The Electronic frontier Foundation and other similar organizations defend privacy rights and people who have been boxed in a corner and bullied by major corporations. Mozilla focuses on an open and free internet.  The internet plays an important role in connecting liberated minds across the world. In the past persons might have felt isolated because nobody in their immediate environment shared their views but now they can find other people like them online.

Environment is known to play an important role in shaping a person mentally and physically. A spiritual master is liberated from external influences. However an individual whose spirituality is emerging will want a natural wholesome environment to grow in. For this reason students of spirituality are encouraged to support organizations that preserve organic food and organic environment. Many organizations educate the public about the risks of consuming genetically modified foods as well as provide organic food.  These include Non-GMO Project, Organic Consumers Association, Natural News, and Organic Trade Association.

This list of organizations is far from complete. If you really want to be part of a movement search and you’ll find one which suits you. Follow your heart.

Groups with a lesser degree of organization have a more amorphous structure and operate anonymously with no chain of command. They are a hive mind united by a cause. These groups which mostly protest through the internet are known as hacktivists. Often nameless, these groups have various slogans all protesting a particular injustice usually political. Using colourful info graphics and videos to prove their points, they reach the public through social networks. They use catchphrases highlighting their cause to attract people worldwide who are facing the same struggle. Some online protests escalate, eventually going offline into the real world. Unstructured groups lack ego and the coming together could be described as oneness.  Although the student of spirituality should be grounded in ancient ways she may support modern organizations which promote justice and a wholesome way of life.

Oneness And Individuality

People who have become liberated act together as a hive mind. Putting ego aside they spread information online and in real life to heighten awareness of important issues. They do all they can for the betterment of the world. These movements promote oneness. Some critics say this represents the destruction of individuality. Oneness does not seek to destroy individuality because it is not forced. Putting the ego aside does not kill the ego. Being a team player and being an individual are not mutually exclusive. Oneness does not destroy individuality. Oneness eliminates the superficial differences that cause discrimination and separation in society. Oneness generates the spontaneous and unplanned protesting against government corruption.  This emanates an energy that cuts across all borders, an energy that is understood in all languages. One may be part of an anti corruption movement while allocating time for self.

Where To Start/What To Do

Stick to spiritual practice. Spiritual practice can be seen as any daily wholesome anchoring activity that brings you closer to unlocking the treasure within. Spiritual practice opens the chakras, increases energy and improves the mind and brain. The two best places to start are meditation and yoga. These will lead to deeper areas of spirituality.

Be Present

Focus on the present moment and decrease stress. Focusing on breath is a powerful activity that brings you back to the now.

Question Your Present

So often people feel stressed and complain that they don’t have the time to do something not realizing that they spend so much time on other things that are less important. Be aware of whatever you’re doing by questioning the activity. Ask yourself how can what I am doing now help me to grow or improve my life. If it’s a waste of your time then stop.

Family And Friends

In the west the spiritual path can be painful for people who get no support from family and friends.  In some cases this spiritual path may even be called demonic if family and friends are of the traditional religious type. There are in fact some pastors that tell their congregation not to practise yoga and call it satanic. This can be very stifling and depressing. The negative feedback from family may make the individual aggressive and lead to frequent arguments and even fights.

An alternative to this confrontation is the individual calmly explaining that he is on a spiritual path. This should be done with a loving and gentle attitude, showing appreciation for detractors even if they seem stuck in their old ways. With a gentle attitude some of them might come around and ask to be shown a thing or two.

Your Powers

People are experiencing things mainstream science cannot currently explain. Spiritual practises like yoga, meditation, qigong and Taoism can bring out powers dormant in people. Super empathy, talking to Spirits, psychic abilities, psychokinesis, projecting thoughts into reality are some common things people report. Since these claims cannot be verified by mainstream science people are ridiculed and called liars for making them. Psychic abilities are labelled as coincidence. These negative reactions intimidate people into hiding abilities discovered through spiritual practice.

The student of spirituality may chose to keep these powers private while continuing to cultivate them. You can decide to tell people when you can prove your abilities before them or tell people who will support and help you to develop them. Spiritual practise can give us a glimpse of our abilities. Often people do amazing things when no one is around. They get excited and even a little egotistic and rush to show off, making themselves laughing stocks when they cannot reproduce what they did in private.

Focus on developing your powers with spiritual practise, looking within yourself and getting guidance from the infinite intelligence within you. Study the works of esoteric and occult authors such as Alice. A. Bailey, Deepak Chopra, Mantak Chia and others. Keep researching from authors on occult and spirituality while maintaining your own ideas. Realize that people disagree and you can come to your own conclusions.

Joining Spiritual Movements

Don’t be quick to jump on movements just because you want to belong. Many are exploited this way. Con artists recognize the shift in consciousness that many are having and want to package something and sell it. They have the charisma and psychological expertise to trap people who are in the developing stages of spirituality. Movements foster the interaction of like minds. However before joining a group ask yourself the following questions:

What they can do for the world?
What can they do for me?
What do they require of me?
Are their demands reasonable?

Spirituality entails spending time alone and loving yourself. It is better to develop yourself through being alone than to join a group with ulterior motives. In the end you should be your biggest supporter and critic. If you feel uncomfortable you can always leave.

Always remember that it’s okay not to have all the answers at one time.

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